Sunday, April 30, 2017


SubTerrain » issue

#75 on newsstands now!

subTerrain #75 — The Nostalgia Issue — is out! #75 features new fiction from David Laidlaw, Grant Shipway, and flash prose by Sharon Kirsch; poetry from Nathaniel G. Moore, Ulrikka S. Gernes, klipschutz, Reihana Robinson, and Jen Currin; creative nonfiction from R.H. Slansky (with photos by Peter Alan Slansky); nonfiction by Stephanie Dickinson; memoir from Melissa Bull; commentary from Peter Babiak and Shazia Hafiz Ramji; Matthew Firth on Dylan’s Nobel Prize, Jim Christy‘s latest scalawag instalment (Edgar Leeteg) and Nathaniel G. Moore‘s ongoing column, The Biography Channel; plus the 2016 Lush Triumphant Contest Winners: Kate McQuestion (Fiction), Délani Valin (Poetry), and Richard Kelly Kemick (Creative Non-fiction) as well as reviews of new books by Joy Kogawa, David Streitfeld (Ed.), Paul Hanley, Susan Perly, Sarah Barmak, Bonnie Nish (Ed.), Richard Scarsbrook, Patti LaBouche-Benson (with art by Kelly Mellings), and Barry Dempster.

Cover and interior illustrations by Rebecca Chaperon.

SubTerrain » issue


The Regret Issue (a post-Olympic Reflection) Featuring fine fiction from Marsha McSpadden, Katherine Fawcett, Alexander Herman, Angela Hibbs, Garth Holden, Mindy Abramowitz; poetry from Afuwa Grainger, Laurie D. Graham, and Spencer Gordon; commentary from Chris Shaw, Elizabeth Bachinsky, and Alex Leslie; creative nonfiction by Carellin Brooks, Mark Foss, Trisha Cull; drama from Amber Dawn and monologues by Charles Demers and Tim Carlson; illustrated by Feature Artist Ryan Lawrie. Also includes the 2010 Lush Triumphant winners—Shana Myara (Fiction), Jacob Zeltserman (Creative Nonfiction); and Andrea Ledding (Poetry)—plus book reviews and Stuart Ross's irreverent column—Mondo Hunkamooga! On newsstands now!

SubTerrain » issue

#52 Form

This would be a write up about what is to be found in this issue. Read the amazing article by that guy and look at this woman’s shocking photos. Also, the cartoon is funny. Not ‘ha ha’ funny but funny in a ‘juxtapositioning society’s norms kind of funny.’